Wow CBR250 dikomparasi dengan R15!

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Komparasi yang menarik!

Hehehehe….250cc vs 150cc apanya nih yang dikomparasi?? cekidot aja langsung dimari ya gan…(moga-moga linknya kgk di archive)

While most eyes are on the battle of the 250s between new Honda and the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, are we missing the Yamaha YZF-R15 which could take the biggest hit post the arrival of the Honda CBR250R?

Similarity is a strange characteristic, since it almost always incites a direct comparison. Carrying the same displacement of 250cc, the newly launched Honda CBR250R and the Kawasaki Ninja 250R suffer from a similar fate. I say suffer, since anyone who has ridden the two bikes knows that apart from the cubic capacity, there is little similar between the two bikes, and that is unfair to both. For the Kawasaki, it is about being pitted against a much cheaper motorcycle that should technically be one segment below itself. And for the baby-CBR, it’s about needing to punch way over its weight, a street-spec single-cylinder going up against a scaled-down, multi-cylinder sportsbike.

So we decided to do a quick comparison between the new Honda and the scalpel sharp Yamaha YZF-R15. A quick comparison is what we churn out from our office desks – it means we didn’t take the two bikes out on the road side-by-side but having ridden enough of both, decided to pen down the thoughts off the top of our heads to paint a better picture. On paper again, the two bikes are very dissimilar for a straight scrap, but we know too many of our readers, who find the Ninja 250R way beyond their budgets, were looking at an R15, and would want to know if they should shell out the extra money for the CBR instead. Short reply – if you are not a cornering junkie, yes.

If you are into learning the art of cornering and wish to have a race-replica that’s affordable though, there still is nothing that comes close to the R15. I have been using it as my long termer for quite a while now, and everyday I ride it makes me love it even more. The bike does everything right – it is neutral in its handling, light and nimble enough to change direction at the speed of thought, has beautiful brakes that can comfortable bring you to a halt from whatever speed the bike is capable of – and all that is wrapped into a chassis that speaks to you but never shouts. The engine is refined and revvy, and match the best in its class in terms of acceleration and top speed. It has its shortcomings as a city commuter though, starting from the seating position, and ending thereabout. Fantastic bike. But too focused.

That’s where the Honda CBR250R takes the game away. Of course, it has a lot more power and grunt which means its comfortable cruise speeds are higher than the R15’s. It also has a significant ‘big bike’ feel to it when compared to the minimalist Yam. The seating position is more comfortable too, which means the CBR is set to become the de-facto sports tourer for the nation. But take it out on a set of demanding twisties, and the 45 kilo additional weight compared to the R15 begins to show as clear as the sun. The soft suspension which soaked up everything in its path suddenly becomes the root of all nervousness mid corner. Exits are quick and effortless, but big front-end dive under brakes makes the whole corner entry experience less spontaneous. Don’t expect to get your knee down anytime soon. This is a bike to take things easy on.


16 respons untuk ‘Wow CBR250 dikomparasi dengan R15!

    Maskur said:
    Agustus 25, 2011 pukul 12:32 pm


    ojek sport said:
    Agustus 25, 2011 pukul 12:59 pm


    Dre said:
    Agustus 25, 2011 pukul 5:41 pm

    ra mudeng, ga iso basa inggris

    Bedjo (pake d) said:
    Agustus 25, 2011 pukul 5:49 pm

    gak mudeng

    micoas3 said:
    Agustus 25, 2011 pukul 8:40 pm

    males komen karena ga iso bahas inggris hehehe( ga mudeng mode on)

    jilan said:
    Agustus 25, 2011 pukul 11:38 pm

    Intinya mah kalo mw nyoba semi-sport bike & belajar cornering ya pilih R15 (sasis deltabox, suspensi lebih rigid, power handle brake pas)..tapi kalo doyan sport-tourer bike yang big power (tapi bobotnya big juga :mrgreen: ) dan lebih nyaman dipake jalan-jalan sore ya pilih cbr250..IMHO

    Mas Agus Ninjers Riyanto said:
    Agustus 26, 2011 pukul 12:49 am

    oalah ki piye to…..250 DOHC dikomparasi sama 150 SOHC……

    BMan said:
    Agustus 26, 2011 pukul 1:20 am

    Intinya shock depan CBR250R terlalu empuk, bener sih. Hhahaha

    azizyhoree said:
    Agustus 26, 2011 pukul 2:30 am

    2 motor tersebut face area nya hampir seukuran, nah beda dengan ninja250 yang lebih gemuk dan gede!

    jilan said:
    Agustus 26, 2011 pukul 7:14 am

    Kalo di india harga cbr250 terbilang rasional, kalo dikonversi ke rupiah cuma beda 8jt sama r15…lebih kecil selisihnya ketimbang sama n250 yg smpe belasan juta bedanya…
    Makanya reviewers bilang kalo komparasi cbr vs ninja akan sama2 tidak adil utk kedua motor…tidak adil utk ninja krn hrus brhdpan dgn motor yg hargany jauh lebih murah karena teknologi mesin yang hanya 1 silinder injeksi, tidak adil juga utk cbr krn hrus berhadapan dgn motor bermesin parallel twin cylinder yg jelas lebih superior…makanya mereka coba mengalihkan komparasi cbr250 ke r15, cmiiw

    wendakalubis said:
    Agustus 26, 2011 pukul 9:13 pm

    Itu R15 yang lama kan,,
    Disinyalir R15 yang baru meskipun masih SOHC terlalu superior dibanding cbr150 dan bakal dikomparasi dengan cbr250

    pinokio said:
    Agustus 27, 2011 pukul 4:21 am

    sumpe menurut gue jelek bgt tampang r15 kaya ga pas, kegedean, kaya dipaksakan. Klo new r15 facenya ga brubah males dah gue beli said:
    Agustus 27, 2011 pukul 11:03 am

    ra mbois blas

    Juragan Warung said:
    Agustus 29, 2011 pukul 10:49 am

    Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1432 H
    Mohon Maaf Lahir & Batin

    inspiring retail design said:
    September 2, 2011 pukul 8:24 am

    semuanya sah-sah aja untuk dikomparasi. mau CBR250 sama bebek legenda atau sama becak depan rumah boleh aja. Namun komparasi seharusnya seimbang dan gak berat sebelah.

    […] ingat dengan artikel mengenai CBR 250 yang di komparasi dengan R15? Eh siang ini lagi cari-cari gambar stop lamp kok malah dapat gambar-gambar […]

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