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Since more than 50 years, devoted to two wheels.

Established in Turin in 1954 by Pietro Mollo, Sito Gruppo Industriale S.p.A. produces exhausts and accessories for motorcycles in the aftermarket sector using the Sito, LeoVince and SilverTail brand names.

In 1962 it moved to Monticello d’Alba (CN), the family’s place of origin.

The factory occupies a surface area of 80 thousand square meters, 20 thousand of which is under cover, employing over than 100 persons.

From the very beginning, the company, which is today run by Gianni Mollo, the founder’s son, has maximized its resources in planning and manufacturing silencers for motorcycles of every place of origin, engine size and model.

The product range includes the following brands:

  • Sito: replacement silencers for 2 and 4-stroke engines.
  • LeoVince: silencers for 2 and 4-stroke engines. This includes the Scoot (scooter) range, SBK (maxi street legal sports), X3 (off-road), FAST (electronic control units) and Carbon Fiber (accessories in carbon fiber).
  • SilverTail: special silencers for custom bikes.

The technicians of the Research & Development department exploit the experience acquired in the world of competition, through the study of shapes, pipes design and the use of materials such as titanium and carbon.

Teams in the MotoGP World Championship, Superbike, Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto World Championships are equipped with the LeoVince brand.

Thanks to these efforts, today Sito Gruppo Industriale is an internationally known company, with commercial premises in the United States, a factory in Poland and a well-structured distribution network in Europe, Australia and Japan.

The overall production of the Group is about 500.000 units a year.

So pantaslah jika produk yang dihasilkannyapun tidak tanggung-tanggung, suaranya adem (apa karena aku mendengarkan untuk type tertentu ya??), finishing rapi jali, desainnya itu loh…ga nahan!

Ini terjadi di pagi ini, di depanku ada Satria FU 150 warna merah plat A pake knalpot Leo Vince, wuih! suaranya lebih kalem dari knalpot standarnya, ga tanggung-tanggung si empunya pake yang tipe carbon, silencer pendek bertujuan mendapatkan tarikan bawah yang yahud untuk di DOHC, tidak seperti V-ixion yang lewat dengan knalpot AHRS yang berisik, “ah bikin kacau suasana hari ini saja!”, aku ikuti terus hingga casablanca, CAKEP!

Nah yang begini ini jangan ditilang ya pak polisi!

Sepertinya yang punya pake type Standart-mount GP Corsa racing full-system

The best Suzuki Satria FU 150 that I ever see

dengan pro arm dan ban gede, ga seperti punya alay
dengan pro arm dan ban gede, ga seperti punya alay

dan yang kedua ga bisa gw foto hehehe


5 respons untuk ‘Leo Vince

    Aa Ikhwan said:
    Desember 5, 2012 pukul 11:46 am

    ajib merdu ya 😀

      Adhitya Ramadian responded:
      Desember 5, 2012 pukul 11:47 am

      merdu banget, suara yg keluar ngebas bulet, dan lebih sunyi dari knalpot standar pabrikannya

    ipanase said:
    Desember 5, 2012 pukul 12:27 pm


    Triyanto Banyumasan said:
    Desember 5, 2012 pukul 7:14 pm

    pro arm keren euy

      Adhitya Ramadian responded:
      Desember 6, 2012 pukul 9:27 am

      iya euy, sayang belum sempat ketemu sama empunya

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